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Cheese Maker Advices

  • Xavier Ropert Cheese Refiner

    Since 20 years ago Xavier Ropert is a cheese refiner in La Rochelle (France - Ouest Coast).

    It's as a real lover of his job of cheese refiner that Xavier Ropert propose these Cheeses on internet, in order to share a selection of the best french cheeses to internet users.

    The passion of Xavier Ropert for the diversity of french cheeses, decide him to gather together all these fabulous cheeses in this website.

    He propose to you to discover this fabulous wealth of french cheeses.




    • Many cheeses are seasonals or better in certain seasons.



    • For a diner with cheese at the end of meal : 60 to 80g per person.

    • For an entire meal with cheese : around 250g per person.

    • For a cocktail party with only cheese : around 150 to 250g per person.

    • For a meal delicatessen and cheese : around 200g of cheese and 150g of delicatessen.

    • For a Raclette party : around 200g of cheese and 150g of delicatessen.



    • It's not necessary to locked up cheeses in an airtight box. Cheese need to breathe.



    • You must  keep out of fridge 1 hour before to serve your cheese for a best tasting of it.



    • It's very important to present your cheeses on a simple board or a Cheese plate.