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Wines and Cheeses

  • Le Vin et le Fromage - France Fromage

    The Perfect Combination of Wine and Cheese

    the combination wine and cheese is an institution of the french gourmet tradition. Since cheese exist, we drink wine with it.


    It's a real harmony when you tatste them together.


    That's why we recommand to you some wines with some cheeses.

  • Quel vin avec quel fromage - France Fromage

    Witch Wine with Witch Cheese ?

    In this matter people have many preconceived ideas. In fact we dont drink every time red wine with cheese, it's not compulsory.


    • Red wine can easy go with Camembert, Brie or Livarot.


    • Dry white wine will be better for firm cheese or goat's cheese.


    • Sweet wine will be better for blue cheese.